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Know Your Cyber Loss Exposure with FAIR-Materiality Analytics Model, Automated by SAFE.

What is FAIR-MAM?

FAIR™-MAM is a transparent loss model based on the Mutually Exclusive and Comprehensively Exhaustive (MECE) principle to assess the material impact of cyber risk.

Use Cases

The SAFE Materiality Assessment Module empowers security and risk leaders to present defensible, company-specific, and quantified cyber risk insights to regulators, Board of Directors, and other stakeholders.

Swiftly assess materiality of an ongoing incident

Identify new inputs that could trigger a materiality threshold

Calculate risk before an incident becomes material

Track cyber risk materiality post-incident

Create a timeline of the total cost of an incident

SAFE Solution Highlights

Proactively know the loss magnitude for custom and out-of-the-box cyber risk scenarios

Get granular visibility into the materiality impact of past and ongoing cyber risk incidents

Implement an open, customizable cost model that is defensible to the Board, investors, and regulators

Access regulator-ready reports that equip CISOs to meet the timely breach disclosure guidelines

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