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Become Indispensable Partners to the Business

Get Unified Cyber Risk Visibility

The Challenges

"I get piecemeal visibility into first and third party risk"

"I need more confidence in how my security posture is presented"

"Multiple disparate tools send disjointed signals"

The SAFE One Solution

  • Real-time first and third-party risk visibility
  • Telemetry from 100+ API integrations
  • 10+ OOTB cyber risk scenarios
  • AI-powered, instant answers from SAFE X
  • Persona-based customizable dashboards

Ace Cyber Risk Communication to the Board

The Challenges

"I want to convert management details into Board-level insight"

"I can't show the business impact of security initiatives"

"The Board perceives cybersecurity as a blocker"

The SAFE One Solution

  • Position cybersecurity as a business accelerator
  • Balance risk reduction and revenue generation
  • Translate cyber risk into dollar risk
  • Get customized stakeholder reports
  • Compare risk posture with peers

Build a Defensible Cyber Risk Practice

The Challenges

"I want to build a defensible cyber risk practice"

"How can I minimize personal liability?"

"I need outputs that I can trust"

The SAFE One Solution

Transparent and defensible platform built on:


ATT&CK a Standard Threat Knowledge Base by

FAIR Accredited as an Industry Standard by

Complementary to Risk Frameworks

Supported by a Community of 15,000+

Cyber Risk Prioritization and Mitigation

The Challenges

"Critical initiatives are deprioritized by check-box audit reports"

"Misallocated resources are leading to wasted budget"

"I need automation; my team is burning out"

The SAFE One Solution

  • Experience risk-driven prioritization
  • Redistribute resources based on ROI
  • Automated security analysis and consolidation

Meet Compliance and Regulatory Demands

The Challenges

"I need a trustable way to quantify the materiality of cyber risks"

"I have to manually track materiality of current and past incidents"

"I want to ensure timely disclosures, meeting global requirements"

The SAFE One Solution

  • Purpose-built on FAIR-MAM
  • Assess materiality during an incident
  • Track materiality post-incident
  • Get instant, SEC-ready reports

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