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Quick, Confident Assessment of Material Cyber Risks

New Rules from Regulators Demand Cyber Risk Quantification.

Business Challenge

New rules from the SEC and EU are just the start–the expectation for all large enterprises is rapidly moving to a new requirement: Constantly stay on top of cyber risk that could pose a material impact to the bottom line and, in the event of a breach, stand ready to quickly make a full disclosure of the financial impact. Safe leverages the FAIR model, the standard for quantifying cyber risk in dollar terms, fed by AI-driven, real-time reporting on your risk posture to meet those new, demanding requirements.

5 Steps to SEC Compliance on
Material Risk

Identify top cyber risks

Create a materiality framework

Automate risk data collection

Quantify material risks in financial terms

Communicate to the board and business

A Safe Security Advantage: FAIR-MAM

FAIR Materiality Assessment Model

The Safe Security platform is the first to offer the FAIR Materiality Assessment Model (FAIR-MAM™).


FAIR-MAM guides you to quickly uncover and quantify all the factors that determine a material loss event.

A defensible process

A defensible process that stands up to scrutiny by boards, regulators, even plaintiff’s attorneys.

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