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Gauge Your Organization’s Risk Management Success against Peers.

Business Challenge

It’s a common question from the top: How is our cybersecurity program performing vs. our peers? CISOs have struggled to answer, citing unreliable industry surveys on security spending that just cover spending, not risk, or using technical security ratings. Now, you can directly answer that question in financial terms based on up-to-the-minute reporting from your attack surface and from industry-standard data. Compare your top risks and overall risk posture to support strategic decisions.

Unprecedented, Wide-Angle
Perspective on Cyber Risk

Key questions answered with benchmarking and cyber risk quantification:

What type of events are we likely to have, and what does it mean to us?

If a cybersecurity event occurs, how much is at stake?

Are we being effective? What’s the probability of an incident versus the industry?

If we have an event, what type of losses will we incur, and how willit occur?

Solution Highlights

Granular reporting

Benchmark against peer companies by size, sector, geography.

Data monitoring

Always-on risk data monitoring and reporting means no lag in answering those C-suite or board queries.

Defensible analysis findings

Based on FAIR, MITRE ATT&CK and other respected standards.

Speak the language of the business

Enable risk-informed decisions by translating cybersecurity insights into the context that corporate leadership understands.

How FAIR Enables CISOs to Drive Business Outcomes

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