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Top Risks Identification

Know Your Greatest Risks in Financial Terms.

Business Challenge

Knowing your greatest sources of loss exposure is more important than ever, whether it’s to prioritize among many possible security projects or target your limited budget for the best return on investment.Safe leverages the FAIR model, the standard for quantifying cyber risk in dollar terms, complimented by AI-driven, real-time reporting pulled from your controls, complimented by the latest industry standard data.

Your Critical Risks Uncovered–
Your Next Steps

Prioritize among risks for strategic direction, efficient use of resources

Communicate to the board and the business a clear, risk-based strategy

Justify your security posture, based on measurable insights

Disclose your material risks, if needed, in a defensible way, on demand

Use Cases for Top Risk Assessment by Role


Receive detailed reporting on your critical risks in easy-to-understand financial terms, with drill-down to business units or product lines for strategic direction.


Focus on the largest probable cybersecurity threats to inform better treatment decisions and communication to your team. Get on top of emerging risks before they become material.

Cyber Risk Analyst

Automated, AI-powered risk reporting frees you to focus on the big picture, instead of chasing confusing, conflicting feeds from telemetry.

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