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Budget Justification

Setting a Cybersecurity Budget? Make Your Best, Risk-Informed Decisions. Prioritize Projects, Defend Your Decisions with Cost/Benefit Analysis.

Business Challenge

The budget decisions on a CISO’s agenda require the best data, the sharpest analysis, and the keenest eye on risk vs reward. Confidence comes from insights at the deepest levels–estimating the effectiveness of individual controls–up to the widest, aligning cybersecurity budget to the organization’s enterprise risk management. Safe delivers a suite of solutions to support the most challenging decisions in budget-setting, driven by AI and FAIR cyber risk quantification.

The Decision Support
CISOs Need

Capabilities enabled by cyber risk quantitative management (CRQM):

Justify previous year’s budget for ROI

Demonstrate cost vs benefit for new initiatives

Add, remove controls for quantified risk reduction

Evaluate cyber insurance coverage/premium reduction

Solution Highlights

Return on security investment estimations

Measure effectiveness of controls and controls systems

Model risk scenarios – adjust key variables for risk impact

Cyber risk reporting in business-friendly terms

Real-time data-driven visibility into risk posture

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