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Cyber Risk Quantification & Management (CRQM)

How CISOs Can Speak the Language of Business.

Business Challenge

Current cyber risk management practices are siloed, reactive and lack a business perspective–leaving CISOs out of the conversation when the board or senior management question thecost-effectiveness of cybersecurity investments. Cyber Risk Quantification and Management(CRQM) offers a brand-new approach to measure and manage enterprise-wide cyber risk andjustify cyber investment decisions in business terms. The Safe platform enables CRQM withFAIR, the recognized standard for quantitative cyber risk analysis.

Benefits of Quantifying
Cyber Risk

Prioritize among risks based on probable loss exposure in dollars

Communicate to the board and the business clear financial goals for risk reduction

Justify security posture with benchmarking against industry standard data

Define and disclose material risks, if required, in a defensible way and on demand

Solution Highlights

Real-time, data-driven, aggregated risk reporting from a single source

Automated FAIR analysis – the gold standard for cyber risk quantification

Assess likelihood and impact of breaches – gain actionable insights to respond

Manage cyber risk decisions with non-technical, business-friendly, AI-enabled reporting

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