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AI Risk Management

Accelerate Adoption and Deploy GenAI Solutions With Confidence and Reduced Risk.

Business Challenge

Business leaders are promoting the implementation of GenAI solutions at breakneck speed, often at the cost of secure adoption. This mindset stems from the assumption that cyber risk management slows the speed of GenAI adoption. Safe equips you with a dynamic, efficient, and dollar-driven way to manage GenAI risk, at scale. With the combined power of FAIR-AIR, Safe, and risk advisory services, CISOs are able to quickly modify cyber risk strategies to meet the business’s evolving GenAI goals.

Stay competitive with the AI
advantage but without the risk

Leverage FAIR’s transformative FAIR-AIR approach to manage GenAI risk at pace:

Instantly contextualize and scope your top AI risks scenarios

Quantify and communicate your AI risk in dollar terms to the Board and C-suite

Prioritize AI risk treatment to reduce business risk exposure according to business goal

Solution Highlights

Contextualize AI Risks

With our experienced risk advisory and FAIRTM-AIR Cyber Risk Quantification services, discover the AI risks your business faces.

Scope Your Risk Landscape

Choose from out-of-the-box risk scenarios to discover what your most critical AI risks are.

Quantify the Risk

Using FAIR, translate your AI risk data into business risk insights – the potential financial impact of AI risk.

Prioritize Your Greatest Risks

Prioritize your risks and map your exposure using Safe’s proprietary industry benchmarking.

Decide Next Steps

With Safe’s risk-first view, you can confidently lead your AI risk management strategy to swiftly adopt AI solutions.

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