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Managing and reporting cyber risk at the speed of the business.

Business Challenge

The tech CISO’s biggest challenge is to be a voice of caution about cyber risk–and a business enabler. You need to prioritize among a fast-changing line-up of projects while balancing technical and business needs. Telling an accurate story of security to the business with limited data is not an easy task. Safe’s AI-powered, dollar-based, and risk-driven approach equips CISOs to become indispensable partners to the business without slowing it down. Change the narrative of risk reporting and management with Safe and FAIR’s powerful combination.

Make well-informed and timely
decisions on cybersecurity

Move from Guesswork to Informed Decisions

Make your security investment decisions based on real-time quantitative risk assessment and cost-benefit analysis instead of subjective assumptions

Communicate the Business Value of Security Projects

Present clear, easy-to-read reports in detailed, financial metrics that demonstrate the risk buy-down of security initiatives on the overall business

Cybersecurity as an Enabler, Not a Roadblock

Add value to the product development process by balancing velocity with security. Rapidly determine loss exposure from new efforts to find the best way to deploy with an acceptable risk

Solution Highlights

Cybersecurity Prioritization & Decision Making

Safe delivers quantitative risk assessments in financial terms. By running cost-benefit assessments on control initiatives that compare risk reduction to the investment cost, you compare options and make decisions based on acceptable risk exposure and investment level.

Rapid Risk Assessment

When you need fast answers on your potential loss exposure for immediate decision support, SafeGPT produces high-level, flexible reporting in minutes. Our simple, intuitive interface enables you to radically cut analysis time and effort.

Detailed Top Risk Assessment & Management

Visualize your enterprise-wide top risks and see what these potential risks might cost your business using 100+ OOTB risk scenarios. Decide your treatment approach based on Safe’s intelligent risk prioritization recommendations.

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