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Why Customers Choose Safe Over SecurityScorecard?

Why Customers Choose SAFE TPRM

Risk-Based TPRM

SAFE quantifies third-party risk in dollars and tiers vendors based on loss magnitude and likelihood, unlike size or revenue-based tiering.

AI-Driven Automation

SAFE automates data ingestion and analysis of security assessments and questionnaires to provide real-time, prioritized insights.

Unified TPRM Platform

SAFE integrates 3rd party and 1st party cyber risk in the same platform. It delivers unified TPRM “outside-in”, questionnaires and “inside-out” assessments.

Built on Open Standards

SAFE's outputs are transparent and defensible, purpose-built on open standards such as FAIRTM, MITRETM ATT&CK, and NISTTM.

Reduced Total Cost

SAFE provides a predictable flat-rate pricing model, supports cost-effective tech stack consolidation, and cuts third-party management expenses.

Who are your riskiest third parties in $ terms?

Risk-based Third-Party Tiering

Enables focus on the most critical vendors based on loss exposure tiering driven by vendor data access, network access, and resultant business interruption.

Difficult to identify the critical vendors.

How can I look at all telemetry from threat feeds and third parties?

Comprehensive TPRM Approach

Consolidated threat feeds, outside-in, questionnaires, and inside-out assessments of third-party cyber risk.

Only provides 'outside-in' but lacks holistic risk management.

How about my own security controls?

Zero-Trust TPRM

Real-time visibility into how well first-party controls are configured to minimize third-party breaches.

Not supported.

What can I do? What can my third parties do to mitigate risk?

Prioritized, Actionable Insights

Prioritized, ROI-driven recommendations to reduce potential financial losses from the most critical vendor risks.

Generic insights with less specificity to different risk levels.

How can I automate this program?

Gen-AI-Powered Automation for TPRM

Automation for data ingestion and security analysis, eliminating manual effort and enhancing the speed and accuracy.

Utilizes limited automation, focusing more on manual processes for risk assessment.

How can I look at all risks together?

Simple, One-Platform Solution

Unified third and first-party risk management in a single platform.

Provides outside-in scores and some first-party risk management features but lacks the holistic risk management depth.

Is it defensible and tunable?

Open Standards and Defensible

Leverages open standards, including FAIR, FAIR-TAM, FAIR-CAM, FAIR-MAM, MITRETM ATT&CK, MITRETM D3FEND, and NIST CSF

Utilizes proprietary 'black box' methodologies.

How can I manage my costs?

Flat Pricing Model

Predictable, all-inclusive pricing that reduces costs by covering unlimited vendors without additional fees.

Cost increases with the increase in the number of vendors or assessments.

Comparison based on review done on May 2024.

"I am running blind on my third party risk."

- CISO of a Fortune 100 Healthcare Provider

SAFE revolutionizes third-party risk management, equipping CISOs with the power of real-time insights, automated assessments, and strategic actions across all third parties, fortified by an unparalleled Zero Trust approach.

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