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Focus On Third-Party Risks That Really Matter with FAIR-Third Party Analytics Model.

What is FAIR™-TAM?

FAIR™-TAM is the third-party risk management (TPRM) extension FAIR™. SAFE One's implementation of FAIR™-TAM is a key enabler for automated and scalable TPRM.

Leverage FAIR™-TAM with SAFE

Adopt risk-based prioritization in your TPRM program

Get consolidated and continuous monitoring of your entire attack surface

Build an actionable mitigation strategy for you and your vendors

SAFE Solution Highlights

Tier vendors based on the risk they pose: the financial impact and likelihood of cyber attacks

Build or customize cyber risk scenarios for to quantify risks from ransomware attacks, data exfiltration, DDoS, etc

FAIR™-TAM-powered list of top 10 controls to be prioritized by your third parties for risk reduction

Assess control effectiveness from consolidated view of outside-in, questionnaires, inside-out analysis

ROI-driven zero-trust actionable mitigation strategies for the enterprise to minimize breach impact

FAIR™-TAM-based prioritized actionable insights for your vendors to manage and mitigate critical risks

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